Welcome to our contact page! Here, you can reach out to Nat Twentea for any questions that are not covered by a specfic game's FAQ, as well as any other inquiries about our systems. Before reaching out, please take the time to review the following forms, which can be used instead depending on your inquiry:

Feedback form:

An anonymous form used to collect feedback for all of our games. We'll look this over whenever we update our games to the next version.

Bug Report form:

The counterpart to the feedback form, this form is used to report any bugs for our offical tools and assets, such as errors in our online Character Sheet.

Community Content Submission Form:

Used to submit community made content, such as preset campaigns, templates, and other tools, for review. As long as it meets our community guidelines, we'll add it to the appropiate Community Content Folder.

Our Discord:

Our Community Discord is a great place to ask for tips and tricks about our games, as well as anwser minor clarifications about mechanics. We do our best to periodically update the FAQs on this website based on common questions this discord recieves.

If none of the above links can assist your needs, please fill out our Contact Form below using a valid email address, a subject, and your inquiry. As we are a two-person team, please be mindful that we do not have a set response time:

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