Deadly Revelation

Deadly Revelation

Initial Release Date: 4/2/2013
Current Version: 3.5 [Changelog]
Recommended for: 1 GM and 2-4 Players
Required Materials: 6-sided dice; 3in x 5in notecards; paper and pencils

Deadly Revelation is a narrative Tabletop RPG inspired by Danganronpa that provides the framework for running a Murder Mystery. Gameplay is broken into ‘Arcs’, with each ‘Arc’ of the game lasting ideally for 2-3 three-to-four hour sessions. During each Arc, players are brought together to bond with allies, deceive future enemies, and ultimately, seek the truth.

Between telling truth from lie, and solving murders as they come, will those dwindling few who remain be able to escape by means other than killing? Or will they succumb to desperation and despair as the mastermind intends? Only those who know how to trust— and know when not to—will reach the end alive.

Downloads and Links

Base Game [Pay what you want Download]

The core handbook for Deadly Revelation, as well as a link to both the official Character Sheet and the NPC Tracker. While free to download on, we highly recommend rating our game in order to boost our visibility.

Community Content Downloads [Google Drive]

Our Community Content Folder for Deadly Revelation.


How closely does my Deadly Revelation game need to follow the format of standard Danganronpa?

Not very! 16 students trapped in a school is as equally a game of Deadly Revelation as 12 trapped in a time loop, and the game can even be used to play shorter form campaigns more akin to your standard Murder Mystery novel.

Does every Arc of a Deadly Revelation game need to involve murder?

While murder is the most common form of mystery you will be solving, there are plenty of other mysteries worth spending a Debate on. You might spend an Arc trying to solve the bigger mysteries at hand, such as 'Who is behind this?' or 'Why are we here?', especially as you get deeper into your campaign.

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