Dolls of Theseus

Dolls of Theseus

Initial Release Date: 5/14/2021
Current Version: 1.6
Recommended for: 1 GM and 1-4 Players
Required Materials: 6-sided dice; Paper and Pencils

In Dolls of Theseus, you play as Dolls, artificial humanoids created to fight. You are very valuable, very specialized, and yet if you were to break, you would surely be replaced. And as of yesterday? You are sentient.

Dolls of Theseus is a game about what determines who you are, and how others around you can change you. As you discover your sense of self, there are dangers that threaten to take it away, both physically and mentally. No one who goes through this Journey will finish the same - and some, with the weight of the Journey too much to bear, may never make it to the end.

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