Heroes of Lite

Heroes of Lite

Initial Release Date: 3/6/2019
Current Version: 4.0.2 [Changelog]
Recommended for: 1 GM and 3-4 Players
Required Materials: 20-sided dice; paper and pencils; a square-grid mat; miniatures or tokens (to represent units, terrain, etc)

A Tabletop Roleplaying Game created to emulate the Fire Emblem experience, Heroes of Lite takes inspiration from games across the entire Fire Emblem series. Most prominent are influences from the Radiance games, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Three Houses and the mobile game Heroes. Being that Fire Emblem games run a lot of math under the hood and that emulating that math in a TTRPG context would be both painstaking and time-consuming, Heroes of Lite streamlines mechanics when possible. The result is a game that is easy to play either digitally or traditionally.

Heroes of Lite is meant to be equally playable by veterans of TTRPGs and newbies alike, as well as by those who have played every Fire Emblem game and those who haven’t touched a single entry. Recommending 3-4 players, the game encourages players to recruit new members of their army in order to boister their teammwork and provide multiple characters to control during the combat portions of the game.

Downloads and Links

Base Game [Pay what you want Download]

The core handbook for Heroes of Lite, as well as a link to both the official Character Sheet and Enemy sheet, as well as a spreadsheet GMs can use to import both Homebrew and Expansion Packs into their player's sheets. While free to download on Itch.io, we highly recommend rating our game in order to boost our visibility.

Expansion Pack & Official Asset Downloads

Additional Content that can be found through Itch.io.
  • Gauntlets: Adds the Gauntlets weapon, featuring new, Gauntlets only refines, skills, and combat arts. A spreadsheet is also provided for players to add to their Character Sheet.
  • Status Spritepack: A Roll20 compatable spritepack that can be used to mark status conditions.
  • HoL Token Pack: A Roll20 compatable Token pack that can be used to indicate Player, Ally, and Enemy characters, as well as Terrain, Monsters, and NPCs.

Community Content Downloads [Google Drive]

Our Community Content Folder for Heroes of Lite, which includes assets such as Roll20 Macros and various Homebrew.

Fire Emblem Character Generator

A Fire Emblem Character Generator created by Courtney, which takes inspriation from Heroes of Lite (but can be used for any Fire Emblem based campaign or system).

Heroes of Lite Review

A review of Heroes of Lite from Gurll Talk, a blog focusing on casual reviews of TTRPG games! Be sure to give it a read if you're curious about how the game is like!


Does Heroes of Lite Round Up or Down?

Heroes of Lite always Round Down when a check, skill, and so on calls for division.

What classes are available in this game?

Heroes of Lite is a classless game that only limits what can and can't be taken based on the following two things:
  • Your Weapon Type, which determines what skills you can take when leveling up, and what you are additionally weak to when the weapon is equipped.
  • Your Movement Type, which both determines your base Movement value, what you are weak to, and what skills can be taken as you level up.
Because these are the only two factors to take into account, there are plenty of combinations that you might not see in the source material. For example, a person choosing to base their character around the Bird Laguz from The Tellius series would be just as capable of picking up a bow as anyone else is.

How many characters should a given player make on creation?

Though the exacts depend on the campaign length, we recommend players each make one character each, and then be allowed to recruit characters as they complete maps and other objectives. While recruited characters are generally NPCs that the GM builds, some GMs can optionally provide the duty of statting of these characters to the players instead.

Additionally, if a GM forsees players recruiting a lot of characters along the way, consider setting a max number of units that can be deployed on a given map. This will allow players to recruit many characters, but avoid the hassle of having too many units to control and keep track of when entering a map.

How many characters should a player control during a map?

To make each player have a chance to shine, while providing several options for each player to have, we reccommend allowing players to deploy up to 3 characters each on a given map. A Smaller group of 2 players might afford a 4th character for each player to control should they wish to.

Our players recruited an NPC to our army. Who gets to control them?

As characters recruit NPCs, a GM can either assign that NPC to a player to control them during maps, or have the NPC be a part of a pool of characters that any player can choose to deploy (and therefore control) when starting a map. Additionally, a GM should offer the means to swap out who controls a given NPC to encourage new ways of play and avoid players from being stuck with a character that doesn't fit their playstyle.

How is damage calculated?

When calculating damage, First subtract the Power from either the oppontent's Defense or Resistance (depending on the weapon type), and then add (or subtract) from factors such as Skills and Refines. Therefore, an attack that uses the Skill Ignis (which adds DEF/2 damage to the attack), would look something like this:

Power - (oppontent's DEF or RES) + (user's DEF/2) = total damage

For any questions not answered above, as well as for general inquiries and feedback, please head to our Contact Page.