Initial Release Date: 11/25/2022
Current Version: 1.0
Recommended for: 1-4 Players
Required Materials: A deck of Playing Cards; Paper and Pencils

You are a Looper–a being stuck in a time loop, watching yourself and your home repeat this one, forsaken week. Some loops, you nearly make it through all 7 days before beginning the week anew. Some, you only manage a single day, before being thrust back to the beginning. All loops have a single thing in common: Each loop ends–and thus, in a way, begins–with your, or another's, death.If you want your home to see beyond this week, each of you ill-fated Loopers must survive it.

Lo/oper is a GMless storytelling game about breaking free from a time loop that has ensnared your Home. You play as a Looper--one of the key players in this time loop--fighting and falling victim to your fate, the details of which you will determine during play by answering prompts based on the cards you draw.

Downloads and Links

Game Download [itch.io]

Includes instructions of play, and printable character sheets for the four kinds of Loopers you can play as.

Online Version [StorySynth]

The online version of the game, made using StorySynth.

Community Content Downloads [Google Drive]

Our Community Content Folder for our One Pagers and Short Systems.

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