Skirmish of the Sorcière

Skirmish of the Sorcière

Initial Release Date: 1/28/2022
Current Version: 1.0
Recommended for: 1-3 Players
Required Materials: A Tarot Deck; Paper and Pencils

You are a Witch–whatever that means to you. You do honest work–or so you tell the nosy. Recently, someone, or something, has has the gall to bring a Disturbance to your doorstep. And damn if you aren’t going to stop it.

This little game about blasting danger, collecting Magic, and using that to blast them again, can be played solo or with up to 3 players. Being GMless, the Disturbance that plagues your doorstep can take all sorts of forms - are they something tangable, or a threat unknown? Well, if there's one thing that you've learned, it's that they all fall the same - with a little bit of Magic, and little bit more just in case.

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