The Masks We Wear

The Masks We Wear

Initial Release Date: 8/1/2019
Current Version: 3.7 [Changelog]
Recommended for: 1 GM and 3-5 Players
Required Materials: Two Tarot Decks; Paper and Pencils

A rules-lite system inspired by the Persona series, The Masks We Wear takes heaviest influence from popular entries Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5, with gameplay elements such as custom Persona creation, a Bond system reminiscent of Social Links and Confidants, random dungeon generation, and turn-based battles.

Like modern Persona games, The Masks We Wear alternates between Social Life segments and Dungeon Crawling escapades. The bonds you form during your Social Life become the power you use during your dungeon-crawling, and so your performance in one segment ties inextricably to your success in the other.

The Masks We Wear's on the fly creation of conflict (both narratively and mechanically) allows the game to easily be run for One-Shots and smaller Campaigns of 2-4 sessions, while the level up system allows for longer Campaigns for those seeking to unravel a mystery over the course of several arcs.

Downloads and Links

Base Game [Pay what you want Download]

The Base Game, which includes 20 playable Arcana, over 100 preset enemies, an expansive GM section that provides guidance buidling a Campaign, and an online Character Sheet for players to use. While free to download on, we highly recommend rating our game in order to boost our visibility.

Expansion Pack Downloads

Additional Content that can be found through You can download all of our expansions and assets through the TMWW Master Pack.
  • Virtues Arcana: Adds four new playable Arcana, new skills and additional preset enemies for the GM to use for their dungeon.
  • The Fool Arcana: Provides rules on playing the Fool Arcana and new enemy recruiment rules.
  • The World Arcana: Adds the World Arcana, as well as a new Reaper for GMs to use in their Dungeons.

Nat Twentea Official Assets []

You can download all of our expansions and assets through the TMWW Master Pack.
  • TMWW Tarot Deck A Roll 20 compatable Tarot Deck that can be used for online play of The Masks We Wear. Includes several Tarot Back colors to seperate the GM's deck from the Player's.
  • TMWW Status Spritepack A Roll 20 compatable set up icons to keep track of Statuses, Buffs, and Debuffs during Online Play.
  • TMWW Dungeon Token Pack A pack of enemy and object tokens for use in dungeons hosted on online spaces such as Roll20.

Community Content Downloads [Google Drive]

Our Community Content Folder for The Masks We Wear, which includes assets such as a Dungeon Template and various Homebrew.


Does the Masks We Wear Round Up or Down?

The Masks we Wear Rounds Up whenever a check or a skill's tag asks you to divide.

Do I need a grid to keep track of player locations in a dungeon?

Nope! The Masks We Wear's Dungeons are split into Rooms, which do not require a grid as players move into the next room collectively. You can, however, have a map drawn (or made using roll20) to mark which room the players are currently in - or even have the player with the Mapmaker role draw the dungeon map as they explore new rooms!

I want to run a longer campaign. Is that ok?

It is! While a typical game of TMWW has players go through roughly 6 dungeons (leveling up each time they complete one until they reach world level 5), a longer campaign could have 12 dungeons instead, and only have the players level up every other dungeon.

For any questions not answered above, as well as for general inquiries and feedback, please head to our Contact Page.