Initial Release Date: 5/6/2022
Current Version: 1.0
Recommended for: 1-3 Players
Required Materials: A Magic 8-Ball (or a 20-sided die); Paper and Pencils

A short, Gmless game about a group of Oracles tasked with leading heroes to their victory... with the only caveat being that said Oracles are actually following the advice of a mysterious device that, as of late, seems to be prone to malfunction. This myterious device is no other than a Magic 8-ball (or, for those without one, a d20), that provides yes, no, or maybe answers to threats that appear along the journey the Oracle-guided heroes will traverse. You'll also learn a bit about the Darkness that the heroes will need to stop - but with a device that doesn't work as intended, will you succeed?

This short system is goofy and whimsical, and intended for lighthearted, JRPG-themed adventures.

Downloads and Links

Game Download []

A double sized page that includes instructions of play, as well as how to read the results of the Magic 8 Ball (or a 20-sided die for those who don't have one).

Community Content Downloads [Google Drive]

Our Community Content Folder for our One Pagers and Short Systems.

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