Trail Between Sun and Stars

Trail Between Sun and Stars

Initial Release Date: 10/10/2021
Current Version: 1.0 DEMO [Changelog]
Recommended for: 1 GM and 3-5 Players
Required Materials: 3-sided, 6-sided, and 12-sided dice; paper and pencils; tokens & figurines

Trail Between Sun and Stars is a game about venturing out beyond your home, making connections with others, and leaning on each other in a world that no longer turns.

In Trail Between Sun and Stars, you play as an explorer of a world that stopped rotating long ago. 'Days' and 'Nights' as your ancestors knew them no longer pass, and settlements exist in the permanent shine of the sun, curtain of the shade, or if they are lucky, soft pinks of the twilight. As the world evolved to survive, so too did the Creatures that roamed it, making travel a dangerous task. But those who do it tell of a world that is as beautiful as it is, at times, unforgiving.

Downloads and Links

Game Demo[Pay what you want Download]

The Demo Version of Trail Between Sun and Stars, with 5 playable Jobs and and one biome's worth of creatures to use during play. While free to download on, we highly recommend rating our game in order to boost our visibility.

Community Content Downloads [Google Drive]

Our Community Content Folder for Trail Between Sun and Stars.

Trail Between Sun and Stars Character Generator

A TBSaS character generator created by Courtney. Creates a prompt for a player character by providing a species, boon, bane, some backstory details, and some keepsake details.


When resolving a tie, who wins?

When resolving any roll that results in a tie, the character who initiated the action wins. In conflict this generally means that the Attack Action allows the attacker to win on a tie. Outside of conflict, this generally means that whoever initiated the action that resulted in the roll being called for comes out on top--for example, if Character A rolls Shine to light up a room and Character B decides to contest this by rolling Shade, on a tie, Character A succeeds.

I'm thinking about running a Trail Between Sun and Stars campaign. What sorts of series would you say fit the theme of this game?

When making Trail Between Sun and Stars, we focused on themes of community, supporting each other, and discovering secrets about a world that, while sometimes dangerous, can also be beautiful. Narratively, Cecil and I reccommend media such as Crystal Chronicles, Breath of The Wild, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind - all in which focus on exploring (and adapting) to a world that has changed.

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